Online dating: how to choose your profile photos following the 3 Cs

Should you choose a holiday snap of you on the beach, or perhaps at the gym? In a fancy restaurant, or at home on the sofa? Choosing the best photos to post on your public profile, particularly your main profile picture, can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Simply follow the 3 Cs recommended by American dating coach Damona Hoffman.

If you’re scanning through all the words you can think of beginning with C and have settled on a particular one, we can tell you right now that you could not be more wrong! The 3 Cs for the perfect photo are: colour, context and character. But what does that mean ?

Step one: colour Colours communicate our emotions and personality traits. Certain shades attract the viewer’s attention more than others. On your Yooppe profile, we recommend posting photos of you wearing a vibrant and bright top or dress, ideally in red. This is because it has been scientifically proven that the colour men are most drawn to is red. This was discovered by a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. When asked to choose from a number of photos with different coloured frames, men were most drawn to those with a red frame. We can therefore claim that red is the new black!

Step two: context

The second of Damona Hoffman’s 3 Cs is context. Photos tell a prospective match who you are and what you like to do; try to make them more interesting than a simple selfie that’s been done a thousand times before. Try to choose photos of you in an interesting setting to make it easier to break the ice. Do you like to ski? Add a beautiful photo of you on the slopes.

Do you like cats or dogs? Choose a photo of you with your four-legged friend. Do you like to read? Take a photo of you holding the last book you read. And how about you holding a fine wine, a dessert or a pizza, at a football match, in front of a monument… you get the idea!

Step three: character

The third and last of the 3 Cs is character. Through a photo, you can show prospective matches just who you are. Are you cheerful and witty? You don’t need to put on a clown costume, but simply post a few photos of you smiling sincerely. Do you get the idea? Not a forced three-two-one… cheeeese smile! Are you sporty? Post a photo of you in action. Choose photos that show all the different facets of your personality, including your reflective, romantic, green-fingered and creative sides. Through the photos you post, your potential match will get a good idea of who you are and will definitely want to confirm their first impression by starting up a conversation with you!

So remember these three simple words when thinking about posting a photo: colour, context and character. Because a photo is worth a thousand words. And who would read a thousand words? 😉

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