Embarking on a love story can be fun and rewarding. If you want to succeed, be yourself and make conscious choices. These are the first 2 dating rules…

1. Dating Rules: Be honest

In dating, honesty is key to avoid wasting precious time.

After all, the last thing you’d want is to meet people different from you, especially distant from your ideals and goals, right?

It would be worse if you ended up knowing someone who first writes on their profile “looking for a serious relationship” and then behaves as if they weren’t seeking it…

So, be clear from the start about who you are and what you’re looking for in love to avoid misunderstandings.

Dismiss the fear of being judged, explain immediately what you want for your love life without too many detours, and keep a certain distance from those who have expressed intentions different from yours.

This will help you avoid misunderstandings and put you on the right path to meet people similar to you 🙂.

2. Dating Rules: Show your true self

Okay, it might sound cliché but…
what works best in dating is to show yourself as you really are!

Normally, on your social media or WhatsApp profile picture, do you like to post “hot” or costume photos? Well, then it’s time to post them here too!

Your profile is your “shop window”, so make sure it truly reflects who you are, without leaving any surprises for your “him”!

Don’t have inspiration or don’t know what to write in your bio? Write what you feel even if it’s just 2 words.

Showing a short bio could capture interest and, for some, become the perfect pretext to write to you and start a conversation! (for example, using something like “if you have specific questions, write to me, no point wasting time reading…” would be a great invitation for the other person to write to you)

See? There’s no “right” or “wrong” and above all, what you think is wrong may turn out to be right!Be authentic and show at least a part of yourself that reflects you 100%, after all, you have the duty to attract only the right people to you!

3. Dating Rules: Choose the dating app that’s right for you

It’s true, there are many dating apps out there to choose from, each with features to explore, and it could be difficult to pick one…

BUT… the good news is that it’s just about making a selection that suits your style… let’s see how!

You could try to understand what’s important to you in the realm of online dating and list it
out. For example, being certain that the profile you’re talking to is secure? Or even having full or partial control over messages?

Take another moment, pause here, and think of others…

You could even choose “niche” dating apps that could bring you closer to people similar to you:

  • Apps where only people aged 30 to 40 are registered.
  • Apps for people who love food.
  • Communities of women and men who want to travel.
  • Others…

4. Dating Rules: Less talk, more dates

5. Dating Rules: Don’t put both feet in one shoe!

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