A lie can always be exposed, but then you need to understand the reasons why he lied to you. Here’s the identikit of the “storyteller” and the signs to watch out for…

The identikit to expose a liar: looks you in the eye

To understand whether a man is telling you the truth or lying, you simply need to observe his eyes, paying attention to their movements and directions.

When listening to the truth, his eyes will tend to shift and wander away from your gaze from time to time, almost as if it were natural.

However, when it comes to hearing a lie, you’ll notice from the liar that their gaze might become cold and constantly fixed, aiming to manipulate and persuade you to believe them.

There are also theories regarding eye positions such as:

“If the eyes look upward to the right, it means the person is inventing a new image.

“If you ask him to imagine a green sun with blue clouds, he’ll probably look up to the right.

“If the eyes look upward to the left, it means the person is recalling an image.”
In this case, the person’s mind is visualizing objects, colors, and other information related to the conversation. To confirm this theory, you could try asking, “What color is your car?”

“If the eyes look downward to the right, it means the person is experiencing a sensation.” This occurs especially when saying “I feel…”, indicating that they are genuinely experiencing a feeling.

“If the eyes look downward to the left, it means the person is having an inner dialogue.” This is the moment when someone is speaking to themselves, reflecting, asking questions, and planning something.

The identikit to expose a liar: changes behavior

The identikit to expose a liar: often contradictory

To uncover his lies, you’ll need to pay attention to his sudden topic changes, facial expressions inconsistent with what’s being said, and evasive responses.

A liar might claim to always be punctual but then justify frequent delays with unconvincing reasons, for example.

Alternatively, he might tell you he’s not an “adventurous” or “libertine” person but then come up with absurd excuses to justify all his Friday nights with friends.

So, observe the moments when his actions don’t match his words to identify the presence of lies.

The identikit to expose a liar: tells too many details

You: “How was last night? Where did you end up?”

Him: “I went to the club, but first, I ran into Luca. Oh, it was hilarious, do you want to know who he’s seeing now? Well, I’ll tell you later… Anyway, like I was saying, after I met Luca, I went to the bar to have this fantastic cocktail, they even put little umbrellas in it!…”


The initial question you asked was quite different, and there was no need to spice it up with so many details that give us a headache.

Of course, this is just one of countless examples, but start to raise your antennae if you notice that he begins to tell you stories filled with details, talking about even trivial details when you’ve asked a simple question. This indicates he’s trying to hide something from you.

Moreover, another sign you’ll notice is the tendency to be vague when recounting certain details, especially when he tries to downplay everything with phrases like, “No, it never happened.”

Also, repeating the same words and concepts multiple times is a sign of deception. Perhaps he’s tried to memorize a nursery rhyme and now he’s trying to stick to it word for word to convince you that what he’s saying is the truth when it’s clearly a lie.

The identikit to expose a liar: turns the situation in his favor

For a liar, the biggest fear will always be of being exposed, which is why you might notice they could become hostile and start “turning the tables” by trying to shift the conversation and put you on the spot.

So, it goes from your: “Are you really lying to me?” to his: “Are you really doubting your partner? What kind of person do you think I am? I can’t believe it, you’re making me feel terrible…”

This is a method we can consider “mean-spirited.” In this case, the liar’s aim is to make you self-defensive and shift the focus onto your behavior rather than theirs.

At that moment, you won’t have the opportunity to accuse them and get to the bottom of the issue because you’ll be too busy defending your actions and yourself.

Identikit to expose a liar: how to behave

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