Valentine’s Day: how has the global pandemic changed us?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year, we asked Yooppe users about their experiences of love in the pandemic.
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Some people lost love, others found it, and sadly there are those who chose to be alone to protect themselves from Covid. The global pandemic will fill countless pages of history books in the future, but it will also leave memories in our own minds. 

So how did  love change in the pandemic? This is the question we asked Yooppe users to mark the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

Hands up who didn’t lose their temper with their partner during lockdown or quarantine? Who found out that a pair of socks being left on the floor could be the trigger for yet another argument? And who found out that having to repeat that mugs goes in the dishwasher and not in the sink ten times doesn’t mean that your partner has a hearing problem? Whether through enforced cohabitation or involuntary social distancing, 27% of users confessed to having lost love during the pandemic

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But let’s look at the glass (of prosecco) half full: one in three users met new people. How, you might ask, when you couldn’t move more than 200 metres from your front door?! Did everyone really have a dog to walk? We’re not boomers, come on. In fact, our users met each other online! While being prisoners in their own homes, people escaped virtually by chatting (or videochatting) with people they’d never met before. 68% of those interviewed had used an online dating website during the pandemic and the majority plan to do so again in the future.

Yooppe Valentine's Day  online dating website

While the Metaverse may be taking off with completely virtual marriages (go figure… and there’s plenty of boomers getting involved there!), Yooppe users are looking for real meet-ups. The main reason why users turn to online meeting sites is the prospect of actually meeting someone (32%), followed by the desire to start a new relationship (20%). Some people want to “try something new” (24%) and others are looking for physical attraction (19%).

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Why does online dating intrigue so many users? Firstly, it offers the possibility to flirt with someone they don’t know (48%), and presents the possibility of taking the first step and breaking the ice (35%). Virtual dating takes away the insecurity of real life because we feel safer holding our phones in our hands than we do face-to-face. 13% of users like the idea of chatting with multiple people… just be careful not to get your matches mixed up!

Yooppe also offers the possibility to chat to several different users at once. Thanks to its unique algorithm, matchmaking is based on users’ interests, helping you find the right person to chat to.  Moreover, women have access to special features, such as the option to send unlimited chat invitations. This lets women make the first step when and as many times as they want. 

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