6 tips for a first date

You never forget a first date, especially if it leads to a meaningful long-term relationship. But the happy memories of that first encounter are always accompanied by the unforgettable memory of that classic pre-date anxiety.

Take a look at these 6 tips for a first date.

#1 Be yourself

Ever told a white lie to make a good impression? And who hasn’t embellished a story slightly in order to make themselves seem more interesting to someone? But ask yourself this: what kind of a relationship will you have if it’s built on lies? The first piece of advice is to always be yourself. Always!

#2 Let’s talk about…

What do you talk about on a first date? Work, sport, hobbies, families, pets, holidays… There are countless possible topics, but the important thing is to find some common ground so that the conversation flows between you and doesn’t get boring.

Our second tip is to take a look at your date’s Yooppe profile or their photos for inspiration on what to talk about.

#3 If you want the cake, order the cake!

Why order a salad when what you actually want is an enormous bowl of spaghetti carbonara? Why deny yourself a slice of cake because you’re scared of what they might think? If you want to enjoy a nice date at a restaurant, accompany it with a nice meal. If they give you a funny look because of what you’ve ordered, maybe they’re not your soulmate after all!

Tip: the only no-no, if we really have to say it, is garlic, which might not be the best ally for your first (nor indeed, second, third or fourth) kiss!

#4 Don’t obsessively check your phone

Avoiding checking your phone even for five minutes is a feat in itself. Smartphones are the technological extension of our own hand and checking the screen for notifications is an involuntary reflex.

Our advice: do everything you can to stop your phone being a constant distraction and don’t answer calls except in an emergency.

#5 That awkward silence

When you’re starting to get to know someone on a first date, it’s normal for the conversation to dry up a little. And when you come to the end of a topic, that awkward silence is all but inevitable. Those few minutes suddenly feel like hours and our brain goes into panic mode: what do I say now?

The secret is always to have at least one ace up your sleeve. Keep in mind a couple of fun topics, like your favourite music, a concert you went to, a previous holiday or, even better, a trip you’d like to take.

#6 Oh, my ex always…

No, thanks. Talking about your ex on a first date is never a great idea.  Saying bad things about them suggests that you’re still bitter (and anyway, it’s not very polite), and in any case, a first date is not the place for complaints. Saying good things about them raises the question of why they’re an ex!

Our advice is to look ahead and focus on the person you’re with in that moment, not on someone who, for one reason or another, is now an ex.

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