Your partner’s body language can reveal whether or not they’re interested in you

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The body often communicates far more than words do, especially when it comes to love. That’s why it’s good to pay attention to the expressions and gestures in your partner’s body language to understand whether they feel the same way that you do. It’s useful to look out for non-verbal clues when getting to know somebody who you don’t yet know well enough for feelings to be expressed out loud – whether good or bad! 

But what do we mean by body language? Let’s get this straight, before anyone starts expecting a peacock-like display of courtship gestures from their partner. Body language is non-verbal communication expressed through posture, gestures, expressions and movements. It isn’t necessarily an exact science, so it’s best not to get too far ahead of yourself with theories and conspiracies about what something may mean. When talking with your partner, look at their body language as well as the context. Here are some body language clues which show the person is into you. 

#1 “I’m moving closer to you”

If their posture is leaning towards you, it’s a sign that they feel close to you, that they’re attracted to you, that they would like to be closer. Even tilting their head can be a small seductive hint.

#2 “I’m looking at you and smiling at you”

Smiling is a universal sign of positive emotion. A smiling, happy partner who wants to engage with you with a smile is definitely attracted to you and interested in you. Even their gaze is important: if your gazes meet and ‘lock on’ to each other, you’re definitely on the same page.

#3 A touch

Touching their hands, neck or face are signals that convey sensuality and attract your partner’s attention. We obviously mean a gentle gesture, rather than one with their hands flailing all over the place!

#4 “I’m protecting you”

There are some signs, even unconscious ones, which can become apparent when walking together. If your partner moves onto the side of the pavement where the cars pass, or goes ahead of you in a crowded place, it means they want to protect you from harm.

#5 Tone of voice becoming softer

Softening their voice is a sign of attraction and of being engaged in the conversation. 

Then there are some signs that are more difficult to detect, because you need an almost clinical observation approach which would, needless to say, make your partner feel uneasy. These include pupils dilating as a result of dopamine and oxytocin being produced. 

On the other hand, one of the most well-known and obvious gestures expressing closure or rejection are folded arms, but be careful – it might just mean they’re cold!

As we were saying, body language is not an exact science, so when attempting to read your partner’s signals while on a date, be sure not to lose track of what they’re saying. Looking like your mind is on other things is surely not the impression you want to give!

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