Couples that won’t break up: secrets of the Celebrities

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Actors, singers, VIPs, TV stars and influencers: the glossy world of celebrities inundates us on social media with love stories worthy of a Hollywood film. Not the least of which is the marriage of Brooklyn Beckham, eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, with American heiress Nicola Peltz. 

Imagine Hollywood couples lasting… But yes, some couples have been well established for years. What is their secret? Let’s see which are the most beautiful couples and their secret ingredient in married life.

Victoria and David Beckham: quality time together

Let’s start with the Beckhams, who have 22 years of marriage behind them, with some gossip here and there about breakups and betrayals.

The former Spice Girl and former soccer player have four children; Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven. In an interview with a British magazine, the designer spoke about the secret of their relationship.

We take time out for each other – said Victoria – even just for simple daily activities such as dinner or a workout together”.

In addition, the Beckhams love to spend time with the whole family, even though the eldest children now live far from Victoria and David. 

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: share the same ideals

The actress and singer have been together since 2007. They were married in 2012 and have two children, Silas and Phineas. Their secret is sharing values and interests.

“We have shared ideals such as fidelity and honesty, and we like having fun” said Jessica Biel in an interview with Marie Claire. 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: lovers but also friends

Together since 2011, they married the following year and together have had three children, James, Inez and Betty. Among the most close-knit and funniest couples in Hollywood, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love to troll each other on social media.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor said they don’t take themselves too seriously, love to joke and are great friends.

“Falling in love is a fantastic thing, but then do you really like each other? This is the real question to be answered” said Reynolds. 

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady: support and love

The Brazilian supermodel has been linked with quarterback Tom Brady since 2006. Married since 2009, the couple has two children, Benjamin and Vivian.

“My father always said: the quality of life depends on the quality of your relationships, and it is true – the model said in an interview on the American TV network CBS – We have always supported each other. The most important things in life are support and love”

Kate Middleton and Prince William: down to earth

Married since 2011, the heirs to the throne of England have three children; George, Charlotte and Louis. Their secret is the harmony they have always shown at formal and less formal occasions.

“We are down-to-earth people, we have fun and have a great sense of humour” Prince William once said. It’s hard to believe that they are really down to earth, but we are sure that Kate will never shout at the British “Let them eat croissants!”.

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