How to answer the dreaded question “Are you still single?”

cosa rispondere alla domanda sei single

“Why are you still single?”, “Are you still alone?”, “Why aren’t you dating someone
seriously?” Who knows why – and this time we’re asking – people (yes, including friends,
family, and even strangers) feel entitled to ask such questions. One’s love life is not a CIA
file, but it’s not public knowledge either, so a person is not obligated to feel embarrassed
about answering such a personal question. But if you ever find yourself faced with the
dreaded question “Why are you still single?”, here’s how to respond to turn the
embarrassment back on the person who needs to learn to mind their own business.

how to answer to are you single

Counterattack with a question

Respond right away with “Why do you ask?”. Without hesitation, without anger, but with a lot
of naturalness. This immediately puts the person on the spot and your calmness will
underline the inappropriate question even more. Maybe they’ll stutter “Oh, just asking”. You
end the conversation with a curt “Okay”. And don’t answer, leave the response hanging.

The veil of mystery

There’s no better way to fuel gossip than to hide behind mystery. Try responding with “I’d like
to talk about it, but it’s a delicate and personal matter”. That way, the person – if they’re
intelligent – won’t continue to investigate and will stay quiet.

Thanks for asking

“Thank goodness you asked, because I couldn’t wait to tell you… But no, come on, I won’t
bore you. Let’s forget about it.” This is also a bit of a mean response because it opens a
door and then closes it right away.

A hot response

“Single? No way! I have an electronic friend who keeps me great company.” You’ll see that
the embarrassment will be immediate… but in your interlocutor’s eyes.

A serious response, really

“I’m having fun, I’m happy, I’m having a lot of experiences. For now, I’m fine being single, it’s
not a bad thing, it’s an alternative.”

Whatever the response, whether ironic or serious, remember that being single is not a fault,
a social stigma to be answered for. If you feel the need to make new acquaintances, it’s time
to try Yooppe, the online dating app loved by women. Because on Yooppe, every woman
feels free to express her true essence!

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