They’re called “online friendships” because “the most convenient and fastest approach ever” would have been too long. If you want to experience this mode, reading is for you!

Online friendships: the discussed advantages

If you’ve chatted with someone on this topic, you’ve probably realized that when it comes to making new friends online, opinions vary and often take two different perspectives, something like this:

  • On one hand, there’s a small group of women who, even today, don’t believe in the idea of cultivating relationships online, due to the various myths surrounding the “online” world. They tend to highlight it as a distant and unreal approach.
  • On the other hand, the majority thinks that it is a wholly positive approach, as well as simple and instantaneous, especially because it fulfills important needs and fosters the right conditions to strengthen one’s self-confidence, excellent for initiating new connections.

If you’re a shy woman looking to “change the air,” cultivating new relationships online could be the best solution for you. Perhaps you feel the desire to let go and want to meet people at the pace of the famous “step-by-step.”

If you’re going through a “flat” period and believe you’re short of opportunities to create new bonds, this method could also prove to be an excellent ally in helping you expand your knowledge in the shortest time possible!

Today, we can tell you that there are many advantages, far outweighing the list of any potential drawbacks. This is because making friends online allows you to:

  • Overcome shyness by making you feel more secure and confident.
  • Meet people with similar interests thanks to platforms that use algorithms for profile compatibility.
  • Bypass daily commitments to make room for your interpersonal relationships.
  • Discover details about people that you wouldn’t have noticed if you had known them in person.

In contrast to the traditional “meet and greet” method, friendships formed virtually happen more often due to the speed and ease with which they can develop between two people.

If you think about it, it doesn’t take much: a smartphone and a good Wi-Fi connection can quickly connect you with other people and immediately immerse you in interesting conversations.

But unfortunately, just these two things aren’t enough. The real mental acrobatics lie in knowing how to choose the right place to make yourself known!

Online friendships: choose the right place!

It’s true, there are countless solutions online that allow you to make new friends.

With all this choice, it’s not easy to understand which is the best place to sign up if you’re looking to broaden your horizons. However, you could try to think about what important aspects you would like to be present in the environment you choose to be a part of:

  • Would it be the security of profiles?
  • A place that gives you full or partial control of the situation?
  • Do you want communication to be direct, or do you prefer an option that “filters” and helps you decide before starting a conversation?

You could also consider seeking the opinions of other people you know who have experienced this method before you:

  • Which platform do they use, and how do they find it? Why did they choose that one? Have they used others before?

If you’re unsure where to start, you can try exploring categorized places. For example, is it a place where you know you could meet people similar to you?

  • Apps where only people aged 30 to 40 are registered.
  • Apps where people who love “food” are registered.
  • Communities of women and men who want to travel.

Do you want to make new friends online? Be yourself (it’s not trivial)

How to introduce yourself to others if you want to make friends online:

And here’s the resounding question: “But how do you stand out?”

You might consider telling what prompted you to join, perhaps using a phrase that aligns with your profile picture and can convey a hint of your character.

Okay, if this advice isn’t enough, here are some practical examples for writing a captivating introduction (we’ve categorized them for you):

Want to go for humor? Add an action for the reader to take:
“I’m almost always in ‘meme mode’ (see my profile picture). The joke that I’m best at and that makes people laugh when I say it is: ‘I’m looking for love.’ If you think you can do better, write me yours in the chat.”

Enjoy being mysterious and want to add a bit of healthy crypticity? Et voilà:
“Shall we play? I’ll now write a series of phrases that describe me, and you have to complete them:

• I passionately love taking showers with… (7 letters)
• You’re for me if, on the first date, as dessert, you order the… (6 letters) from the waiter
• My favorite color is… (5 letters)
• My zodiac sign is… (9 letters)

I’m curious, write me your answers in the chat, and let’s see if we have something in common!”

Do you often think “but they talk so much?!” and detest circumlocutions? Just say it!
“Here’s the most real thing you’ll know about me, written in the most creative way I know: Everyone is signed up here for different reasons… Mine is because I want to create new connections with people who have interests like mine: perhaps someone who is a partner, fun, and who makes a part of my days beautiful, something simple. If your reason is also this, write me.”

Feel a bit like the “Oscar Wilde” of the situation? Go with quotes!
“Let’s get to know each other with a quote: ‘For me, friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer. 😂‘ Now it’s your turn, write me yours in the chat!”

The first “pings” to write to make friends online:

You’re almost there; now you just need some prompts to kick off the conversations.

Here are some practical examples of messages you can write in chat if you want to start making friends online:

  • “Confess, what’s the weirdest thing someone has told you here?”
  • “If the platform says we’re compatible, who am I to contradict it?”
  • “I swear I’m fantastic, but I can’t show it here… What do you say we try exchanging phone numbers?”
  • “I have a Netflix subscription; I just need good company. Do you think you can help me with that?”
  • “Shall we go to the cinema? We both like the same movies”
  • “I have good news: you just met me! So, what do you say?”
  • “I’ll keep it short; I’m the type of person who tells you if you have something between your teeth.”

Now, yes. You’re ready to make new friends online.
Go, darling, conquer them all!

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