*Special Warnings: This article may contain information favorable to women to make a man fall madly in love. Administer only on special occasions.

POV: you’re a woman seeking to understand male desire

Surely you’ve tried to search on Google what the male desire is and how it works, and most likely the answers you found were similar to:

“Male desire mostly corresponds to an impulse, an inner need…”

“It’s a mix of sensations that a man experiences when he’s attracted to a woman and these sensations are mostly physical.”

“The moment when a man is physically aroused and has a need that he wants to fulfill with a woman who has triggered that desire.”

And then also:

“Male desire is related to sex…”

“It’s the moment when a man experiences a sense of excitement and desire.”

And then:

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Well, it was to be expected! 😂, nothing truer!

The definition we would like to give you approaches these, although male desire is a combination of physical and mental understanding; to be as precise as possible, we’ll use an example:

Do you remember when a man can’t help but touch you (even accidentally), look at you, hear you (even for a few minutes on the phone), hug you, smile at you? Well, those are actions that show desire towards you, especially if they happen repeatedly over a long period.

A man’s desire almost always concerns the physical aspect but doesn’t stop there: over time, a series of emotions such as passion, mystery, understanding, harmony, love also come into play…

If you’re looking for a way to ignite male desire, you should know that there’s no scientifically proven method to do so…

Yes, it’s true, there are “physical” and sexual practices that can bring him pleasure and excitement, but besides this, if you want to understand how to mentally attract a man and “ignite” his desire, then the story is completely different.

Get comfortable and start reading, we’re going to reveal 5 curiosities about male desire that could be very useful for you to definitively conquer a man!

1. Increase male desire: be bold and assertive

The key to catching a man’s attention is your ability to take the initiative without being afraid to “risk” sending the first message or asking to arrange your first meeting.

Men adore confident women who know what they want.

If you’ve never courted a man, it might help to think of him as the “woman of the situation,” meaning:

“You, woman, how would you like a man to court you?
Or what messages would you like to receive from him?”

And then, remember to be proactive! It’s not a rule, but if you are, it’s better (after all, it’s always a man you’re writing to…).

You might consider using phrases like:

  • “I was thinking it’s time to pamper ourselves. Would you like to treat us to a date tonight?”
  • “I feel inclined to say only ‘yes’ today. Would you like to suggest something for us to do?”
  • “I feel like there could be some chemistry between us and I’d like to explore it further. Would you also like to explore it further?…”

2. Increase male desire: add a veil of mystery!

Playing hard to get can help ignite his desire. Don’t immediately reveal everything about yourself; let him discover your most fascinating sides gradually. Maintain some mystery to fuel his curiosity and avoid coming across as a “predictable” woman in his eyes.

3. Increase male desire: play with him and surprise him

Men are more receptive to desire in the morning (and this is scientifically proven).

A sweet message or a short call to wish him a good day can work wonders. Try to be his first thought upon waking up, and his desire will grow!

Cute and slightly “hot” jokes should not be excluded to lighten the mood; it could be a good time to start the day with a spicy gif or double entendre phrases 😏, of course, depending on the context of the conversation and how you’ve built your past conversations!

Have you never been direct with him about certain topics, and using a hot tone in chat could leave him speechless?

Well, surprises never hurt, especially if they have a sexual undertone…

4. Increase male desire: don’t worry too much about underwear, he’s not always interested…

5. Increase male desire: be yourself, it will drive him crazy…

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