Online love is a complex matchmaking process, but when it works, true love can blossom. Discover the virtual behaviors of a man who reciprocates your affection

“Fifty Shades” of Online Love:

Can online love transform into a serious relationship?

Online love with a man you like has a 100% chance of becoming something serious and a 100% chance of not, so the answer is: It depends.

It depends on how it all started and how you established the initial connection online.

It depends on what you’re looking for in online love and if it aligns with what the other person seeks.

It depends on his behaviors and what you both feel together.

If you’re trying to figure out if the online love with him is truly “online love” and want to discover his feelings, you could assess the situation with some questions:

What initiated the conversation with him? Was it a provocative photo on your profile or an enticing bio? What was written in that bio?

How did the conversation progress between you two? Was it fun, passionate, cold…?

Who asked more questions, was he leading the “game” or you?

For how long have you been messaging each other, or how quickly did he respond to messages? Was it always him reappearing after the end of the chat or vice versa?

These are fundamental questions you should ask yourself to clarify the situation. Answer them carefully and precisely; it will help you understand his future intentions with you.

When it’s online love for him:

When it’s NOT online love for him:

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