Often, the friendzone is considered negative and painful, but it can be an opportunity to grow and understand yourself better… Today, you can escape it with your head held high!

What is it and why do people fall into the friendzone trap?

The friendzone is a situation where a person finds themselves developing romantic feelings towards another. Almost always in this situation, one of the two does not reciprocate what the other person feels and doesn’t even seem to be aware of it. The result is being stuck in the friendzone.

But why do we end up living in an unsatisfactory situation?

  • Too many false hopes: It is thought that by staying friends with our desired partner, our chances of winning them over will increase. Instead, it’s exactly the opposite. They will decrease. Because, the moment you accept an unsatisfactory situation, your desired partner will tend to respect you less and fail to understand your worth.

1. Try to understand why you found yourself in a friendzone situation:

Trying to understand why you ended up in this unclear situation is the first step in finding a strategy to help you get out of it unscathed!

If you have never shown your feelings, your friend might think you don’t like him.

On the contrary, if he talks to you about anything (including his crushes and conquests), then the image he has of you probably doesn’t involve romantic and/or sexual gestures at all.

Do you trust each other a lot, but neither of you has had a stable relationship? In this case, your friend doesn’t want to go beyond a simple friendship because he considers it too important to risk ruining it with something as complicated as love or sex.

2. If you want to get out of the friendzone, present the best version of yourself:

3. Before jumping out of the friendzone, assess your chances:

It’s normal to want to change the type of relationship you have with your friend right now, but first try to consider the actual chances you have of succeeding.

Timing is crucial…

If your friend has just started seriously dating another girl and is infatuated with her, the chances of him reciprocating after you confess your feelings could significantly decrease.

At this point, it would be better to wait!

Then there’s another factor, perhaps very relevant: “Are you his type?

You can’t know for sure… but you are a girl with a strong and outgoing personality, while all the girls he has dated are the opposite of that. So, what would the answer be?

In this case, unless you want to completely change your personality, it would be better to remain just friends…

4. Change the activities you do together to escape the friendzone:

This one is a bit tricky… By now, you’ve known each other for a long time and almost always go out with your group of friends.

Or instead, you’ve been seeing each other for a short time but your dates are a bit different, and you find yourselves spending time together just for a coffee or lunch with colleagues.

At this point, you have two choices:

Either continue like this and thus play the role of “friend” for life, or break out of an immediate friendzone and ensure that your friend can get to know you anew, in a different and new light.

Try to break your routine and your outings together as simple “buddies” and propose new activities: a dinner in a romantic little place, a movie at the cinema or outdoors, or an impromptu trip together with a spicy destination…

5. The secret remedy for the friendzone is flirting!

Great, now that you’ve discovered the reasons why you ended up in the famous “friendzone,” you can move on to the next step, which is to turn what has been just friendship so far into love.

With flirting, you’ll have the advantage of showing yourself to him without falling into overly complex situations or dynamics.

What you’ll need to do is try to seduce your friend without making your flirtation too obvious to him.

For example, you can try looking at him differently with penetrating gazes, smiling mischievously at him, teasing him about his appearance, but even holding his hand wouldn’t be a bad start 😏!

6. Have you ever thought about confessing and getting out of the friendzone with your head held high?

Sometimes the truth is the only thing that can save us, so telling the truth about your feelings would be ideal.

Of course, it would be better to do so only after creating a certain bond with him, perhaps after the first kiss…

Anyway, the important thing is that you are spontaneous and as relaxed as possible when you decide to confess to him.

And here we could discover two different scenarios with two different conclusions:

  1. Your friend was hoping for nothing else, so much so that you will find him at your feet, infatuated with you and enthusiastic to start a love story with you.
  2. Your friend has never felt anything more than friendship for you, which could be more painful for you but at the same time liberating and courageous.

Faced with the second possibility, it will be up to you to decide, perhaps after a period of reflection, whether to continue the friendship or not.

Yooppe, a secret anecdote to escape the Friendzone:

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