10-day dating challenge: Do you accept Yooppe’s challenge?

dating challenge

You may have tried with New Year’s resolutions, or maybe even with those in September
after the summer season, but something is blocking you from new conquests and love
seems like a distant buoy. No worries, instead, gather your courage and get ready to accept
this new challenge: the 10-day dating challenge. It’s not a race or a competition, but a
challenge with yourself. How does it work? We’ll explain it to you now.

First of all, set a start for the challenge; procrastination is not allowed!

Secondly, as the name suggests, you must commit to 10 consecutive days. Skipping is not

Thirdly, let’s get to the point. For 10 days, you will engage in one challenge per day to give a
boost to your profile on Yooppe. Here are the challenges.

dating challenge

#Day1: Change your profile photo.

As the first challenge, freshen up your profile photo, update it with an image that reflects
your interests and, above all, shows you smiling.

#Day2: Write three things you love about yourself in your bio.

It’s not a test of vanity, but of honesty. Trying to write three things you love about yourself is
a nice (not simple) exercise to get to know yourself better and to make yourself better

#Day3: Write a message to the first contact that appears as a match.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the ideal match or not, the challenge is to start a conversation
because – as they say – from small things, big things grow, even a beautiful friendship.

#Day4: No filters.

Post one or more photos of yourself without filters. Be yourself because honesty is the secret
to a lasting love.

#Day5: Trio

Start three conversations with potential matches. Be careful not to confuse the

#Day6: How do your friends see you?

Ask a friend to describe you and post their description of you.

#Day7: Give a like as a gift.

Like someone who doesn’t match your ideal, because you’re not looking for the prince
charming of fairy tales, but a person who, even with some flaws, can be interesting to get to

#Day8: A compliment as an opener.

Start a conversation by giving a compliment. Who doesn’t like compliments?

#Day9: Save the date.

Arrange a date with a match you have met.

#Day10: Contact one of the matches from challenge 5.

If you have already lost contact in the past five days, try to get in touch again with the match
that intrigued you the most in challenge #5.

Finally, remember that this challenge is not designed to meet your soulmate. But to train
yourself to let go, break some rules, feel freer, give a little spice to everyday life, and then
who knows, maybe it will be an opportunity to meet your soulmate or an interesting person.

Fancy a romantic first date? Join Yooppe and start chatting with lots of fascinating people!

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