5 things not to do to avoid ruining a date

things not to do date

You met on Yooppe, and you’ve been chatting for a while, telling each other about your day, your interests, and your worries. Maybe you even had a video call. Now, it’s time to come out and meet for a date, and the worries and doubts kick in. There’s no perfect recipe or magic formula for a smooth first date, but we can suggest some tips to avoid ruining it.

things not to do date

1. Clothes don’t make the man… more or less

The famous saying that “clothes don’t make the man” is very true, as a nice outfit doesn’t transform a terrible person. However, how we present ourselves says a lot about us. A person who takes care of their appearance, for example, wants to convey to their partner that they care about themselves and their appearance. Choosing what to wear is difficult and generates a lot of stress. We open the closet and… “I have nothing to wear!”. No panic. We choose a simple, but sophisticated look that is comfortable and suitable for the occasion. A very tight skirt is certainly not ideal if you plan on taking a walk. A tracksuit is not suitable if you’re going to an elegant venue. Be yourselves, because the discomfort of wearing an outfit you’ve never worn before (and if you’ve never worn it, there’s a reason!) will surely ruin your date.

2. Airplane mode on

Your cellphone should serve you for emergencies only. Avoid responding to messages, calls, or taking a peek at your social media profiles. For those two hours, you can manage to stay disconnected and give all your attention to what you’re experiencing at that moment. It’s not easy because we’re used to looking at our cellphones dozens of times a day. But try it because it’s a good exercise in concentration!

3. Choose a venue you don’t always frequent

Imagine the scene: you walk into the venue and you meet an acquaintance: “Hey, how’s it going? Work? The gym?” And then another person and another. The discomfort of the person you’re with is palpable; they’ll be there with a forced smile nodding at what you’re saying to that friend. They’ll feel like the third wheel and will only want to escape.

4. Politics, religion, and the like

Unless you’ve already addressed the issue elsewhere (like in chat), avoid topics that can ignite discussions. Use the first date to get to know each other in person, to talk about yourselves, to see if there’s an imprinting. From those discussions, you’ll understand your partner’s views on politics, which you can delve into in the future… so there’s no need to directly ask for an opinion on jus soli or civil unions.

5. Don’t overdo it with alcohol

It may sound like a lecture, but it’s true. If you’re used to drinking a couple of glasses of Prosecco, don’t go beyond that. First of all, for safety reasons, but also because you don’t have full control, and there’s a risk of saying the wrong thing or exaggerating with confidences. In short, you have to be yourselves 100% without any foggy effects!

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