Single women can do it all… meeting a new love, however, can be the perfect remedy to tackle daily challenges and lighten the load of responsibilities.

The positive aspect of finding a new love if you’re a single mom

To find a new love, establish your “right balance”

If you’ve made up your mind and want to start looking for someone to be part of your life, then it’s time to start organizing your time.

Raising a child is fine and it’s a duty, but remember to balance your time and commitments: don’t forget that before being a mother, you’re also a woman with needs and desires to fulfill.

Find moments to dedicate to yourself, to taking care of your appearance, your physical and mental well-being, and then, go in search of a partner with whom to build a new love nest.

When was the last time you added new looks to your wardrobe?
Or when was the last time you got your hair done?

Was it a long time ago?

Then take advantage of when your child is at daycare, at school, or at the park, or ask grandparents to help you fulfill these “commitments”.

Sacrificing all your time is wrong! Start taking care of yourself.
Trust me, you’ll feel reborn if you do 😉.

How to recognize if your new love is the right one

Why Yooppe is the perfect app to meet a new love?

More than 100 single moms have searched for a new love on Yooppe

We asked some moms to tell us about their experience on the app and explain how the search for a new partner went. Some of them said:

  • “Thanks to Yooppe, I was able to find love without having to give up my commitments as a mother. After picking up Marco from school, I would take him to the park and start making some matches on Yooppe. It was a wonderful experience that led me to meet Stefano, my current partner (and perhaps soon-to-be husband)!”
  • “Yooppe gave me the opportunity to meet fantastic people, saving time and effort. I recommend it to all single moms out there!”
  • “Well, here I managed to meet someone special who understood my needs, not only as a woman but also as a mother. I couldn’t have asked for better!”
  • “Thanks to Yooppe, I found the person who completes my family. It was the best decision to sign up!”
  • “Yooppe helped me find a new love, and now my family is even more complete and happy, we are now 4!”
  • “I admit that at first I had found my space and I wasn’t interested in finding a new love. Then I started using Yooppe and everything came naturally… I met a special man to share part of my life with. I never imagined finding love so easily and feeling so secure on a dating app!”
  • “Yooppe is definitely one of the safest and most convenient platforms to meet people compatible with your lifestyle. I was skeptical about the idea that a single mom like me could find a man interested in starting a relationship and taking on parental responsibilities, but it happened. I couldn’t be more grateful!”
  • “With Yooppe, I found someone who understands me and is willing to share my life as a single mom. I recommend it to anyone looking to start over after a disappointment and with a child to care for!”
  • “My daughter Vittoria’s childhood was quite chaotic and difficult, she wouldn’t let me sleep at night which led me to snatch a few hours of sleep during the day. Yooppe made it easier than ever for me to find love as a single mom, considering the convenience of being able to meet someone calmly and safely through the app.”
  • “Thanks to Yooppe, I met a wonderful man who helped me see the beauty of life as a single mom. I am grateful every day for this opportunity!”

Would you like to go from being 2 to becoming 3?
Yooppe is your ally and will help you in the search for a new love as a single mom.
Try the app today and discover what fate has in store for you!

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