Carnival- the costumes that ignite passion

Costumi Carnevale

Who says that Carnival is a festival just for kids? Dressing up, putting on a costume and pretending to be someone else is a game which, as an adult, can ignite passion and trigger the hottest fantasies

Let’s abandon the most clichéd clichés, such as the skimpy nurse, the strict professor or the sexy secretary, and instead let’s try to imagine the most original costumes to stimulate the desire of couples for Carnival 2022. 

#1 Money Heist: from the television to your house

A red jumpsuit and a Salvador Dali mask: the costume inspired by the popular Netflix series is very simple and at first glance less sexy than you think… but if you imagine that you are Tokyo or Nairobi or that your partner is Berlin or Rio, then it already gets a little hotter. So let’s storm the Bank of Spain!

Costume casa di carta

#2 Naughty or nice?

Among movie and comic book heroines, the queens are definitely Wonder Woman and Catwoman, but you could also cross over to the other side of the fence and impersonate a sexy Harley Quinn in a red and blue jumpsuit, fishnet stockings and coloured pigtails. In this case your partner would be Batman. If your partner has an amazing physique, let him play Aquaman or Thor... but let’s not limit ourselves to just at Carnival!

Costume Harley Quinn

#3 Classical Venetian

The most classic, but also the most intriguing, very Eyes Wide Shut. Don a Venetian mask and pretend to be two strangers at a masquerade party. Let’s dance

Maschera veneziana

#4 Original sin

You don’t need a great seamstress to dress up as Adam and Eve, so we recommend it to those who don’t want a lot of disguises, make-up or other such nonsense. The secret of this costume is to put a spin on the fruit of sin by using some other aphrodisiac food.

Mela Adamo ed Eva

#5 Let’s play….

Role play, i.e. playing pretend, is always very intriguing for couples to play. Try to think of your neighbour, your manager or a person you know and have fantasised about together. Pretend to be that person in manner and dress. And that’s it!

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