Cuffing Season, how not to get “cuffed” in a relationship that we don’t want

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The cold that runs through our body, the shorter days, the rain, maybe even the snow, a cold invitation to stay at home: autumn and winter are the seasons of hibernation for nature. But man also feels the need for warmth, a “den” and company during those months. A couch, a remote control, a blanket. And a partner.

In the language of love, it’s called “Cuffing season.” Literally, it translates to “season of handcuffs,” as if to mean an undesired bond and relationship. The Cuffing Season can have a dual effect: the first is the need to find a companion to spend sweet and warm moments when it’s cold outside, but it can also mean a need to fulfill that leads to insignificant relationships, just to not be alone…

Spending more time at home during the holiday season with family and couples of friends, increases the desire to have someone by your side to share winter moments. Thanks to the Yooppe app, the most beloved dating community for women, it is possible to meet many people to start a beautiful friendship or romantic relationship.

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So, how to spend the “Cuffing Season” without getting into a relationship that will turn out to be wrong?

First advice: transparency. Always be yourself and declare from the start (in your bio, for example) what you are looking for. A serious relationship? New friends? A fun and carefree date? Give some indication of what you like (and don’t like) so that you can offer ideas to break the ice.

Take some time to refresh your bio, updating information and adding some recent photos. It’s your calling card and it should make an impact on potential matches on the first swipe.

Don’t rush to find a person at all costs, because whether it’s the ‘Cuffing Season’, spring or summer, your priority should be your well-being. Cultivate relationships and friendships with care, cultivate your interests. In these conditions of greater serenity (and less anxiety of being alone), it will be easier to open up to your partner and create something special and lasting.

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