The first encounter is almost always exciting… but it’s the second one that’s a real challenge! Read all the date advice to truly win over a man.

Date advice: when you reach round 2…

Date advice: spark his curiosity with a bit of mystery!

Let your second encounter be shrouded in a veil of mystery…

Remember the first one, where you revealed quite a bit about yourself? This time, play with the element of surprise! Don’t disclose everything immediately; leave some curiosities lingering. Remaining reserved can heighten his interest and make him even more curious about you.

For instance, if he asked why he has a habit of wearing so many rings, you could invite him to discover it over time and tell him that he “might” understand it on his own one day 😉

Date advice: remedy the “mistakes” from last time…

This time, you have the opportunity to correct what you think may have gone “wrong” the first time!

Perhaps, reflecting on the outing with him, you realized you talked a bit too much and left little room for him. Or, on the contrary, you were mostly silent, expressing yourself in monosyllables on personal topics.

Or maybe you joked a bit too much with a sarcastic tone, and you’re not sure how he took it. Perhaps he took offense, and you still don’t know…

In this case, make amends:

  • If you talked too much, this time, ask him questions.
  • If you talked too little, come up with excuses to join the conversation.
  • If you joked excessively, try apologizing to him sincerely and preemptively ask for confirmation that he didn’t take offense.

In addition to this…

Who organized the last outing? Did you choose the place and time, or was it him?

Switch roles this time!

If it’s your turn to choose, go for different times and places, but first, ask him if he would like the program you have in mind…

And what if it’s an invitation for breakfast? It could be a different idea from the typical dates and would help you get to know each other from a different perspective (the more intimate one).

Coffee and croissants in a “Parisian” style, accompanied by a stroll in the city center…
Can you imagine it?

Date advice: create “healthy magnetism” with unusual activities!

It is said that the most beautiful things are those that are not planned, so improvise something unexpected on the spot to stimulate him. Then, observe his reactions and behaviors!

Need ideas? Okay…

If we were to follow the program of the Parisian-style breakfast, a different and “playful” idea that would blend well with the continuation of the date could be to take him to a perfume shop and choose a new perfume for yourself together…

Love and perfume are closely linked; the latter has always been something intimate and can often convey invisible emotions and information.

Through the language of scents, in fact, we use our sense of smell to get to know the other person. If the scent of the other person attracts us, it becomes like the quintessence of desire for us!

Moreover, he will have to “sniff” the perfume on you, and thanks to this, you might have more chances to encourage a physical and mental connection with him that is closer than ever!

Date advice: find the perfect excuse for a more intimate conversation with him!

Create moments during your outing where you can have a conversation in a quiet place without the distraction of the city center and the crowd…

You could plan a lunch at a restaurant a bit further from the city center, but first, make sure it offers a diverse menu and is not specialized only in one type of cuisine to cater to both of your tastes. If you’re looking for something specific, find out what he likes to avoid any disappointments!

Have you already had breakfast and want to avoid making the date too heavy? Take a break from the city with a coffee! Take a stroll to move away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd and find a cozy café to enjoy a good coffee and chat in peace.

Date advice: remember to always stay true to yourself!

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