First date: original ideas for that first meeting

You may have chatted a bit or even spoken on the phone or by video call. And now? It’s time to arrange your first date. Choosing what to do and where to go is important because you want to have a good time with someone nice who must be interested in you, but with whom you don’t yet have the confidence to be fully at ease when meeting them in the flesh.

If you don’t feel like meeting over a classic drink or dinner, here are some original ideas of what to do on your first date.

Taking a stroll among works of art

Chatting while walking around an art gallery or museum looking at the paintings, statues or photographs would be a lovely way to spend your first date. Art offers various different ways to break the ice, without either of you necessarily having to know anything about a particular painter or art movement. And if you still have a lot to talk about after the visit, why not go to a café or bar for a drink?

Quiet in the auditorium!

If you discover while chatting that you are both movie buffs, why not go and see a film together? An evening at the cinema may not be a great place to chat, but you can start getting to know each other before the film starts and continue your evening together after the film has ended.

What did you say?!

Like the cinema, a concert also doesn’t offer much of a chance to chat, but you can still sing and dance together, not to mention scream at each other to make yourselves heard! However, you would be sharing a common passion that will help you understand whether you are on the same wavelength. Before and after the concert should provide ample opportunity to break the ice and chat a bit.

A sport for novices

Why not try something new together? You could go for an activity that doesn’t require a lot of practice, only the desire to have fun. A game of bowling, for example, a great 90’s classic, would surely trigger healthy competition between you! You could also try a game of padel, go for a bike ride or try skating together.

What time of year is it?

To come up with an original idea for your first date, don’t forget to consider the time of year. In the autumn, you could go for a walk in the hills in search of chestnuts, in the winter perhaps a snowshoe hike, and in the spring a trip to the botanical gardens would be ideal. In the summer, why not pick cherries, peaches or apricots from an orchard together?

Fun or relaxation

For fun-lovers, why not go to a theme park, while for those looking for something a little calmer, a spa day for two may be the perfect first date. Whether it’s a restaurant dinner or a walk, an exhibition or a concert, your first date will no doubt be an exciting experience that we hope will be just the first chapter of a beautiful love story.

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