Halloween, some tips for romance on the scariest night

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Halloween night, 31 October, has now become an international tradition celebrated in many
countries. Mainly a children’s festival, it can also be an opportunity for adults to dress up,
have fun and – why not – meet new people.

tips for romance Halloween

An original costume so you won’t go unnoticed

It goes without saying that you are expected to wear a disguise on Halloween. You don’t
need to transform yourself at all costs into a sexy witch, or worse, an S&M doll, because
often originality is what pays and not the amount of skin on show. You can hitch a ride on
current TV trends with a costume in the style of the Money Heist, Stranger Things, or Squid
Game. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic Wednesday Addams, a skeleton or a blood-
soaked girl. One last dressing-up tip: choose a costume that reflects your interests, as this
can be an icebreaker for starting a conversation with someone who shares the same tastes.

And who are you?

When someone approaches and starts talking to you during a party, try to impersonate the
character in your costume. Improvising a role play is a fascinating way to get to know each

You can also take the same approach on Yooppe. Try changing your profile picture to a
Halloween-themed photo and start getting to know possible matches by impersonating your
character. It is an approach that allows you to flirt and be less inhibited.

Trick or treat?

This is the classic Halloween game when children go door-to-door in the neighbourhood
searching for sweets. If you go to a party, bring a pumpkin-shaped bag or small basket with
some sweets. Use it as a conversational icebreaker and go hunting for sweets or offer some
to someone with whom you want to start a conversation.

On the Yooppe app, you can try using ‘trick or treat’ as an icebreaker. Prepare a penalty if
the match asks you for a trick. You can range from having him tell you about an
embarrassing moment or a teenage crush he regrets, to – if you want to be more daring – the
strangest place he had sex.

Maybe romantic roses will bloom, or perhaps a beautiful friendship will blossom.

Last but not least, Halloween is a chance to have fun. Go wild with an original costume and
meet new people! It could be a chance to meet your soulmate or maybe just make friends.
The main thing is to enjoy a lovely evening without necessarily expecting to find Prince
Charming disguised as a zombie.

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