Love at First Sight: Does It Really Exist?

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is the feeling of falling in love with someone the moment you first lay eyes on them. It’s a sudden attraction to a person you’ve just met, an instant infatuation that triggers the desire to pursue a relationship with them. Of course, it’s not guaranteed to be mutual, and even if it is, there’s no assurance that the relationship will be enduring; in fact, sometimes it lasts only as long as a lightning bolt…

Love at First Sight

According to an English survey, around 60% of the interviewed women believe in love at first sight, while men are even more convinced, with a staggering 72% believing in it. From a scientific standpoint, it takes just a fraction of a second for the brain to activate the chemical processes that produce the love hormone, oxytocin. These processes can activate for both a long-term partner and someone you’ve just met.

However, after the initial whirlwind, it’s important for the relationship to deepen through getting to know your partner better. The initial excitement and enthusiasm give way to security and confidence. But this takes time, well beyond the initial fraction of a second: on average, men take 88 days to fall in love, while women are more reflective and take 134 days, about four and a half months.

Signs of Love at First Sight

One of the first signs is that you can’t stop thinking about that person; they become a constant thought. This tends to make you more distracted. In some cases, physical symptoms can arise, such as anxiety, loss of appetite, or even a stomach ache – a true barometer of our emotions. There’s also a sense of fear of abandonment and not seeing the person you’re falling for again.

When experiencing love at first sight, you also tend to pay more attention to your physical appearance, hoping to be reciprocated by your partner.

Love at first sight leads us to fantasize about experiences we would like to have with someone, constructing scenarios about how events could unfold.Besides the desire to spend as much time as possible with the partner, it might also feel like you’ve known them for much longer than you actually have.

You tend to overlook flaws, thinking you can evaluate them later, because charm and attraction don’t allow for a clear view of the situation.

What to Do After Love at First Sight?

As they say, it is not forever. The overwhelming passion can transform into a more solid foundation of feelings. It’s important, therefore, to be sure about wanting to pursue a relationship, also to avoid hurting your partner’s feelings.

It’s also better to proceed slowly, avoiding hasty decisions, and giving yourselves time to get to know each other better.

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