Messages to meet singles
Messages to meet singles


The stories of 3 women: Sofia, Isabella, and Victoria who chose to meet singles on Yooppe and share their experience and advice

Why many women choose to meet singles on Yooppe:

How wonderful would it be to say “goodbye” to dates that turned into flops? Or to meet your soulmate in a safe and reliable place where you can express yourself freely?

It’s no longer a secret – the majority of the female population uses  to meet singles: the all-Italian dating app where women take control!

Read the testimonials of Sofia, Isabella, and Victoria to discover why they chose Yooppe to meet new singles.

Sofia: “I didn’t feel ready to meet singles online, but then…”

“I wasn’t at all ready to meet singles online; I had tried it before, but it never worked out for me.

Before using Yooppe, I tried other dating sites, but the messages I received were a disaster, not to mention the matches, even worse…

At one point, I even tried taking the initiative and writing first, but every time I hesitated because I had no idea what to say. The best I could come up with was, ‘Hi, would you like to get to know each other?’

When I found Yooppe, everything changed – it was like finding ‘Aladdin’s lamp’; everything I had wished for was in that app.

After registering, I started swiping and looking for profiles compatible with mine. When I tried to message a profile that caught my eye, I discovered the icebreaker feature – preset questions that allow you to start a conversation if you don’t know what to write.

There are really many of them; the first one I tried was:

‘Which song or singer are you obsessed with right now? 🎵

I used them a few times, then I didn’t need them anymore! Perhaps having some suggestions always at hand helped me let go and be more confident!

There were also times when I drew inspiration from some questions and then wrote them in my own words!”

Isabella: “With Yooppe, I can meet singles near me, and it’s fantastic because…”

Yooppe has been, and continues to be, the perfect solution for me!

Before this app, I used other services to meet singles: my online dates went very well, the chat conversations were pleasant, and I met many interesting people, but the biggest problem for my matches was always the distance!

I often found myself arranging meetings far from my area, because I would often come across profiles from Rome or Florence, while I was in Milan.

I would find the right person and then discover that I had to deal with endless kilometers…

Or worse: I would show up for the appointment, and 10 minutes before, some men would cancel after I had traveled for 2 hours – a nightmare!

Since I started using Yooppe’s search filters that allow me to choose the city and age, I’ve been able to meet singles just 20 minutes away from me, fantastic!!”

Victoria: “For a woman, it’s easier to meet singles on Yooppe. Thanks to…”

“In contrast to many other women, I had never had a direct experience with online dating. I was looking for a safe and reliable environment that would protect women in their search for a partner.

One afternoon, I searched on Google for ‘Dating Apps for Women‘ and discovered Yooppe, the dating app where a woman can freely choose her date and take control of the ‘game’ through the invitation feature.

The invitation is a key feature of the app that prioritizes the female gender, allowing them to decide whether to initiate a conversation with a man.

In simple terms: If a man wants to chat with you, he must first send you an invitation that you are free to accept or decline. If you accept it, the conversation between the two of you begins. Additionally, if you don’t want to receive too many daily invitations, you can set a daily limit!

For once, I had control over the game and wasn’t obligated to respond to boring or inappropriate messages!”

How meeting singles works on Yooppe
How meeting singles works on Yooppe

Meeting Singles: Some Questions for Sofia, Isabella, and Victoria

  • Was it difficult to register on Yooppe?

(S): “Well, I would say no. There are certainly many steps, but for me, they are essential
to create a profile with as much information as possible.”

  • (I): “No, I only had difficulty with the profile picture step. I didn’t know what to put… you know how it works for us women 😂.”
  • (V): “No, very simple. Maybe it took me a little longer for my biography.”

  • If you were to think about Yooppe, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

(S): “A safe and easy-to-use app.”

(I): “Single woman = Yooppe 😂.”

(V): “Empowerment for women!”

  • How many open chats do you have now?
    (S): “I think 5. I would have more, but I didn’t accept some invitations 😂.”

(I): “I have 6, but now I’m chatting with a special person, so I would say one!”

V): “I only have 2 open chats. I’m still choosing… I don’t like having too many.”

  • Would you recommend Yooppe to other women to meet singles?
    (S): “Absolutely yes!”

(I): “How many ‘Yes’ have you heard in a row in your life? I will use 3: Yes, Yes, and Yes.”

(V): “Of course! It’s designed for that!”

  • And how did you three meet?
    “We met on Facebook, through the Yooppe community. We started commenting on a post and exchanged numbers to get to know each other and share our stories. In one afternoon, we became friends and decided to organize an outing to talk about Yooppe and our matches!”