New Year, couple break up. How to start afresh in 2023

empezar en 2023

It can happen that during the Christmas Holidays a couple can break up. During the weeks
when (theoretically) there is the most love, tenderness and good vibes, something instead
comes unstuck. It snaps. It breaks for good. But why especially during the Christmas
holidays? Why not on a dank and boring day in November? Or a freezing day in February?

First off let’s make it quite clear that it’s not that people don’t break up during the other
eleven months, it just so happens that during the Christmas Holidays there’s an astral
conjunction of events that produce the straw that breaks the camel’s back, that was probably
fairly overladen from the start. We spend more time with our partner and that can upset the
routine and make disagreeable habits stand out. Then there’s families, both one’s own and
our partners. Who do we spend Christmas Eve with? Is it going to be Christmas with my folk
or yours? And what about New Year? Another extended lunch with all the relations you
perhaps don’t get along with too well. Not to mention the issue of presents…. So it’s hardly
surprising that couples over Christmas can be pretty stressed out and this in many cases
can lead to a break up.

start afresh 2023

How to get over the break up and start off in 2023 in good spirits

If the couple decide to split up for good, it’s best to pick up the pieces and work towards
starting a new life in the new year.

But first, we must realise that a relationship can’t be wiped away with a cotton wool pad and
some make-up remover. Trying to brush everything under the carpet right away may be too
rushed. We must first do a good job on ourselves and understand when we are ready to start
over- and more importantly, what we want to start with. A friendship? A friendship with
benefits? A quick fling? A serious relationship?

Be yourself, always.

A first step after a break up is to find yourself again, be completely yourself, without
constraints, without putting up a front. By so doing, you’ll feel safe to start off afresh, to strike
up a conversation yourself, without feeling hesitant or shy in an online date, like every
Yooppe woman, who feels free to explore and get to know the person they desire the most.

Another word of advice we can give is that you should always have a positive approach.
You’re not “the one’s who’s been ditched” or “the one who left him”, you are women who are
ready to write a new page of your story. You are who you are, what you want to be.

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