Situationship, Crush, Ghosting, Benching: The Online Dating Slang

online dating slang

Situationship, Benching, DTR – If you’re wondering what these words mean… Their common denominator is online dating, which means they are all terms that those who are involved in online relationships may have already heard. Online dating has its own jargon that changes and updates over time. Let’s take a look at some of the words that have recently appeared on dating apps.

online dating slang


Acronym for “Define the relationship,” it means there is something going on but it hasn’t yet been defined. It’s a new relationship where you can’t yet talk about being in a committed relationship, it’s sporadic dating that lacks consistency, a partner you’re not sure whether to introduce as a boyfriend or girlfriend.


A situationship is a type of relationship that ideally follows DTR. In this case, it’s still too early to talk about a lasting relationship, and there’s a lack of consistent commitment from both sides, which is typical of love stories.


Flirty messages, spicy emojis, catchy quotes – the textlationship is a relationship that works on paper, or rather black and white in messages. But outside of the virtual world, it struggles to take off. The chemistry that is created while chatting disappears when the two meet, perhaps even due to shyness on one of the two sides. There are people who can overcome any barrier with their keyboard and warm up their fingertips, but put up defensive walls in person.

Casual relationship

A middle ground between a relationship and a friends-with-benefits arrangement, a casual relationship is a regular dating situation where sex is involved but the relationship doesn’t progress to a serious level, such as meeting family and friends, being faithful, or committing to the relationship.


Benching comes from the word “bench” and describes situations where a person doesn’t want to officially commit but also doesn’t want the partner to move on and possibly find someone else. It’s a subtle tie that keeps the partner waiting, just like an athlete on the bench waiting for the coach to put them in the game.


Cushioning, which comes from the word “cushion,” refers to a person who stays in touch with someone else but only as a backup in case things don’t work out with the real object of desire. Usually, the person never meets their “cushion,” but only has contact through chat.


This is the slang version of ghosting, which is when someone literally disappears from the life of their partner because they no longer have any interest but never declare it openly. Those who ghost no longer respond to calls and messages as if they don’t know the person who sent them.

From the beginning to the end of a relationship, these are some of the words used in online dating. Now that you’re up to date on the slang, all that’s left is to start a new conversation on Yooppe and find the perfect match!

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