The new me, my resolutions for 2023

buenos propósitos para el 2023

New year, fresh resolutions (almost). Every 12 months as the 31st of December comes
around we make ourselves a nice new list, whether in our mind or written down, where we
list what we want to happen in the new year and what we no longer want to see. Every now and then we manage to achieve our wishes, while from time to time our resolutions come
round again looking for a second chance.

new resolutions for 2023

Here at Yooppe we’ve tried to list a few new resolutions for 2023 to ensure that this is the year of
the “New Me”. After having been locked away by a pandemic that has dragged on and on, the time has now come to turn over a new leaf and write a new chapter. The mantra for the
new year and those after it will be: Be yourself.

The last few years of appearances, filters, glitter and quotes have led us to understand that
we are hiding for no reason behind a layer of foundation. Not to mention the magical world of
influencers, who show us a life that is far from any kind of reality. But why shouldn’t we just
appear as we are? Why can’t we simply be flawed?

Here are our new year resolutions for 2023:

  1. Be yourself: this is the mantra for the new year. Don’t be afraid to reveal what you are. If it’s not to others’ liking, so be it. Not your problem.
  2. “Who cares”: fair enough, “who cares” is not very nice to say, but the idea is to learn to handle certain things without making too much of them. This doesn’t mean acting superficially, but focusing one’s attention on what and who actually deserves it.
  3. Decluttering: decluttering means getting rid of excess baggage, eliminating things that no longer serve a purpose or represent you in any way. Consider the “New Me” you want to be and throw out what no longer makes you happy or is connected to you. It can’t be done overnight but once you’ve finished you’ll feel lighter and free.
  4. If it doesn’t work, let it go: No point hanging onto a relationship if things aren’t working. If you’ve tried and tried again but the wheels won’t spin freely, it’s best to call it a day. It will be painful, but it’s the right choice.
  5. Buck up, write that text: how long have you been meaning to get back in touch with that friend? The occasion has never presented itself and so much time has passed. So? Why don’t you make it happen and send that text that has been knocking around in your head for months now. And as the saying goes… time will tell!
  6. Read, paint, climb, speak, dance, fly, jump, put yourself to the test. There’s no better resolution for a “New Me” than one that can provide us with a new experience. Learning a sport, visting a new place, doing something we’ve never done before provides an energy boost that helps us get out of our boring everyday routine.
  7. The complaints desk is closed! Constantly complaining can wear you out and sour your mood. There’s no need to be exceedingly enthusiastic like Pollyanna, nor should you wander around with a cloud over your head. Positive thinking changes your attitude towards the world, other people and generates positive energy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
  8. Stop: Don’t keep running for 365 days on the trot. How often do you tell yourself you’re tired, stressed and at the end of your tether? Slow down. Rest. Switch off. 
  9. Don’t dilly dally: easier said than done because we’re all the best at saying “I’ll do that tomorrow”. And that’s what often happens with resolutions one keeps repeating every year. Kidding ourselves we can change is a waste of time… so let’s grab the bull by the horns and make an effort on at least one issue.  
  10. Make the first step! What?!? No, no, no. But actually, yes. Feel free and bold to break the ice with that person who’s grabbed your attention for some time. Thanks to Yooppe, it’s even simpler because users have a huge number of ways of contacting a match.

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