Be as you are: confident, free and imperfect

Be yourself, be free to Date

Be yourself, confident, free and imperfect. How beautiful are these words? But how bloody difficult are they?

Pride in one’s uniqueness is somewhat of a mantra of the new millennium. Who cares if you don’t look sharp for every single happy hour, who cares if that white hair comes out just two days after dyeing, who cares if you don’t want to lose those few kilos you have generously kept since last winter. But seriously, who cares? 

Being ourselves is a daily struggle, a balancing act between complete freedom and ‘oh my God, what will he or she think… (and here you can add at will the name of a boyfriend, husband, friend, family member or even the whole world!)’. 

The celebrities (and also many brands) help us in the mantra of be as you are. Many influencers show off their soap and water face to prove that they too have dark circles under their eyes or that pimple from eating Nutella. Hollywood actresses have their pictures taken for the front pages without the faintest hint of a concealer. And we thank them, of course, but then reality (even virtual reality) is, alas, still some way off. Because for every step forward there are ten steps back if Madonna, the Queen of Pop and world icon of transgression, takes selfies with so many filters that you can hardly tell if it’s her or if Mattel has dedicated a Barbie to her. 

How can you just be yourself, free and imperfect?

Sii come sei: sicura di te, libera e imperfetta

#1 Place your bet on your qualities

Self-esteem is the basis: it enhances your physical, personality and mental qualities. Beware that having self-esteem does not mean being snooty, vain or conceited, but confident in one’s own potential and abilities. 

#2 Do not hide flaws

Perfection does not exist: don’t sweep your flaws under the carpet, but recognise them in order to live with them peacefully or even turn them into qualities.

#3 If it is yes it is yes, if it is no it is no

Being yourself also means knowing how to say no, but it is not as simple as writing it down.

Sii come sei: sicura di te, libera e imperfetta

#4 Heels and mascara are not enemies

Black or white: this is how we end up thinking all the time. If you wear heels and mascara, then are you not free? If you go out in a tracksuit, you are? Says who? Being yourself is really about choosing according to your personality. Let’s not confuse the comfort of a tracksuit as freedom, let’s not confuse attention to detail for an aperitif as constraint. The key thing is that everyone is comfortable in the outfit – literally and otherwise – that they are wearing.

#5 It’s your thought

Being yourself is not only about your physicality, but also about the mental aspect. Stand up for your opinions and thoughts, but don’t barricade yourself in a corner. Accept the opinions of others with kindness, because the construction of thought is the result of discussion with others. 

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