How to enhance your profile on Yooppe

What do people think when they look at my profile? Why have they clicked ‘like’ but haven’t contacted me? How can I increase my chances of finding a match?

Creating a good profile for a dating website is a question of balance, honesty and a little imagination. In this article, we want to give you some tips on how to enhance your profile on Yooppe and increase your chances of meeting new people.

Let’s start with photos, which are in effect your calling card. Apart from your physical appearance, the photos you post also tell the community all about your personality and interests. In another Yooppe blog post (–> link), we recommended American dating coach Damona Hoffman’s tip about the 3 Cs: colour, context and character. Your photos should be colourful enough to grab the attention of potential matches, taken in an interesting setting that says something more about you, and finally should feature character, to convey your key personality traits.

As well as your photos, the words you choose are also important. After adding your basic details (age, town/city, employment or university), take some time to write your introduction. The description in your profile should be brief, effective and ’readable’, which means no grammatical errors! A missing apostrophe, ‘H’ or double lettermay just be a typo but it could give the impression that it was written in a hurry.

What should you write in your profile description? Talk about yourself and what you like to do in your free time, after all, this might be what you end up doing with a potential match. Include more than one activity to increase your chances of finding common interests. And the most important tip of all is: be honest! It is pointless writing that you like to read if the last book you opened was Pinocchio in primary school, or that you love running if the only time you run is so as not to miss your train. It always pays to be honest and will also spare you from future embarrassment.

Travelling, playing sport, binge-watching a series on Netflix, eating breakfast at a bar, enjoying an aperitif, cooking, sleeping or staying awake until dawn, reading, writing, painting, listening to music, singing or playing an instrument: the interests that you could add to your description are endless. Don’t write a great long list to tick off, but rather a few simple sentences to attract the attention of even the most distracted of readers.

If you’re a particularly ironic or witty person, you could express this through a funny joke. If you’re a film buff, write a quote from a movie you’ve seen – anyone with a mutual passion will take the opportunity to contact you to talk about it. If you’re a couch potato, write something engaging like “Sofa, blanket, a hot chocolate and the latest season of ‘Money Heist’. That’s how I spend my Sunday afternoons. How about you?”.

Finally, be sure to leave room to explain what you are looking for in a person– if someone likes your photos and you have common interests but you are looking for a friend and someone to talk to, whoever is contacting you will know that you are not searching for the love of your life or vice versa. And as always, be honest, because it is better to be straight with people from the beginning than to have to break up later.

Yooppe offers women the chance to have greater control over the invitations they receive from potential matches, as female users can choose how many times they wish to be contacted. Women also benefit from an infinite number of invitations and access to Yooppe is completely free.

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