How to get over a break-up

A break-up is always a painful experience: it’s a time of loss, and of solitude. Our usual points of reference are gone and we have to venture back into the world of dating.

It’s Game Over as we know it.

All interpersonal relationships develop and evolve over time, and intimate relationships are no different. In fact, our romantic connections are shaped by our experiences and by the decisions that we each decide to take.

Sometimes, the process leading up to a break-up happens without us even noticing: we drift apart from one another gradually, until before we know it we’ve taken completely different paths.

It can be even more difficult when it’s the other person who ends the relationship. And in fact, it can be a difficult and painful decision even for the person who decides to end the relationship. But if the decision is made, the pain is often followed by an overwhelming sense of rejection.

We must also accept that there may not always be a reason or clear trigger for the break-up. It might be that feelings have simply waned over time, or that you’ve both been unable to keep the relationship alive.

The only cure is time.

But what can you do? How can you get over the end of a relationship that has shaped your life and your personality?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question. And just as there’s no real answer, there’s no real cure either. The only thing that helps is time.

Yes, it’s a cliché, but only time can mend a broken heart. Over time, we go through the phases that lead to acceptance and we become ready to start new relationships, and to write new chapters in our lives. It is important to look back on the previous relationship and to grow from it, considering the lessons it taught us and perhaps the scars it left us with.

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