How to ignite passion on holiday

What a beard, what a bore, what a bore, what a beard. Said Sandra Mondaini in a famous Italian sitcom of the 1990s. That’s TV prehistory for the post-Millennial generations, but those eight words encapsulate the state of mind of many couples crushed by the daily grind. But also many singles who have run out of inspiration in the city.

Now, however, it’s holiday time and so… time to hit the bubbly!!! The sexual sphere recaptures that sparkling spirit of yesteryear. Sure, right… It’s not exactly automatic. Desire and passion don’t just appear. They need fishing out from some hidden corner of the hypothalamus.

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to drop the routine and stress of work, take your foot off the brake and let yourself go! Now is the time to embrace the opportunity to try new approaches, get to know a travelling companion better or flirt with the neighbour who has caught your eye under the beach umbrella…

To spice things up, here are a few tips on how to ignite holiday passion and experience things you won’t forget when you’re back home.

Showering together

At home, showering is just a quick precursor to going to work or bed at night. However, it can become an erotic game to ignite passion on holiday. Discovering, or rediscovering, both partners’ bodies with mutual caresses.

Out to sea

Far from prying eyes, the sea is a beautiful place to get all romantic with your partner.

Touch each other more often

To nurture the right atmosphere, you need to send messages, brush up against each other unexpectedly and leave unresolved issues for another time once in bed. In a word: flirt (and dare).

A cabin for two

If you have rented a beach cabin, use it – without getting caught by the other bathers! – for a rendezvous with your partner between dips… Changing into your swimming costume can become a naughty striptease in a tight space!

Furtive kisses

In a lift, on a balcony, outside the bedroom door: a kiss can become passionate and erotic and leave a lot to the imagination. You will look forward to being together to continue the unfinished kiss….

Return to teenage years

Why not go to the beach for a romantic moonlit walk and who knows where it will lead? Do you feel like kids? What’s wrong with that?


On holiday, you feel less inhibited and ready for the ‘forbidden’, for new sexual games with your partner.

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