Live a day as a single different from the usual and give a twist to your life (both romantically and otherwise) by simply saying “yes.

1 “unusual” day as a single beats 100 regular ones:

Do things you wouldn’t normally do and enjoy an alternative day as a single:

If all you see on the horizon are expanses of monotony and weeks that all blend together, perhaps it’s time to consider doing things you never thought you would.

List all the things you would never do or think are beyond your reach and start doing them.

Find the courage to say ‘yes’ to experiences outside the ordinary, allowing yourself to embrace new and stimulating sensations.

For example:

Have you always wanted to stroll down that super chic street in the city of…? Go check it out!
Still thinking about that event but not sure if it’s worth it? Buy the ticket!
There’s a karaoke night at… and someone invited you to go? Say ‘yes’ and accept the invitation!
Someone invited you to dinner, but you know you won’t like their cooking? No matter, accept and save yourself by bringing dessert!

Flipping the ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ is the first real magic to give yourself a day unlike any other.

Go out with an old friend and experience a different day as a single:

Reconnecting with people with whom you’ve lost touch could give you the right boost to start anew and help you remember to take care of your needs.

If, lately, you’ve been thinking about a friend and would enjoy hearing from them again to reminisce about good times, then give them a call, organize a coffee date, and treat yourself to some hearty laughs with them!

After all, wouldn’t you be curious to know what has happened? The answer, of course, is ‘Yes.’

How have your lives changed during all this time?
What are their new projects? How is their love life?
Have they also thought about you since you last communicated?

Even discussing the ‘you’ from 3/4 years ago could help you remember how you were when you still managed to find the right space for yourself, and this might help you reconcile with the desire to have new experiences!

Plan a last-minute escape and spend an unusual day as a single:

Grant yourself a day of escapade to a place you’ve always wanted to visit.

Say ‘yes’ to that last-minute flight and book it.

Explore new scenarios and enjoy the thrill of a spontaneous adventure: (the rush to pack your suitcase at the last minute, the excitement of imagining some unexpected twists at the airport, like risking missing the flight… the seat far from the window but close to an unexpected person…)

If you don’t take risks and don’t utter the ‘dreaded yes,’ you’ll never experience anything different.
And besides, who says ‘different’ is equal to ‘bad’?

A last-minute trip can offer you not only breathtaking landscapes but also new connections and unforgettable experiences. There’s no better time to embrace the unexpected and transform your single day into a stimulating adventure!

Take advantage of online opportunities and live an exciting day as a single!

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