You’re home, closing doors, curtains, and thoughts for a relaxing Friday night alone. Explore ideas to make it special.

Spending a Friday night alone: the date with yourself

You’ve finished work, and it’s Friday night. How do you know? Two alternatives:

  • Your colleagues suggest an impromptu aperitif, but you say, “Sorry, I have a date with my couch, promised it.”
  • At 4:00 PM, the reminder pops up, reminding you of your appointment with a warm, fragrant pajama, followed by unclasping the bra: the first sensation of pure relaxation screaming to the whole world, “I’m done for the week, now I can focus on myself.”

Go “offline” to enjoy your Friday night alone

Staying connected is important nowadays but for this Friday, it’s time to make an exception this evening is just for you!

Besides, did you know that staying connected for almost the entire day affects your mood and emotional state? So, grant yourself a night of total screen detox…

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay connected; just do it in moderation!

You could dedicate half an hour, after work, to check the latest news, scroll through some social media stories, and talk to loved ones to let them know you’re doing well.

After doing all this, though, it’s time to tap on the airplane icon, turn the keys at home, and embrace your Friday night alone.

If you really don’t want to disconnect, consider inviting another surprise guest: your playlist with your favorite songs!

It’s your Friday night alone: relax and prepare the bath!

There’s nothing better than being completely naked and immersed in a bathtub with perfumed, hot water, especially in winter!

You might consider using bath salts, excellent for giving your body a regenerating moment.

Or, if you feel creative and want to experience the thrill of an unusual bath, you could buy “bath bombs” with colors and scents different from the classic shower gel.

Did you know some leave glitter on your skin?

But if this isn’t enough, do you know what would be a great idea to feel your best? You could consider buying post-shower fragrances for your hair or a floral face mask!

You’ll see, only after using them, you’ll feel like the most perfumed woman in the world!

Spending Friday night alone, also for your body hair!

What’s Friday night alone without a chick flick?

Could there ever be a Friday night without watching a movie? Of course not!

Movies can be your best travel companions and the perfect remedy to completely clear your mind.

If you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry; here are 5 recommendations:

  • FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: If you’re in a relationship that could be defined as “ambiguous” and unclear, then this movie might be ideal. The two protagonists, a guy and a girl, deal with the end of their respective relationships and decide to enjoy the benefits of a no-strings-attached story, hoping to improve their friendship.
  • CAT WOMAN: If with every step you take, you feel like leaving a bit of mystery and broken hearts behind you, then you are the new Cat Woman, and you absolutely can’t miss the movie in your honor! In the film, “the cat Woman,” sends the message that the stereotype of women is finally torn. Now body movements and feminine thinking take command: men, you have no escape!
  • THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA: If you are in a period of seeking change and novelty, then you have already found your movie, especially if you love fashion! The protagonist, Andy, is looking for something for her career, but she will be surprised to have found something more: herself! With this film, you might even want to give a new light to your wardrobe!
  • BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY: If you are a woman who wants to take her current sentimental situation with a “laugh,” then this movie will make you burst into laughter! Bridget Jones is a woman perpetually struggling with the scale, her job, the lack of a man, the passing years, and many – in her words – imperfections. To kick off the new year, she decides to take charge of her life by writing a diary in which she will always tell the truth.
  • SEX AND THE CITY: This is the most iconic film for women, the sequel to what was once a TV series, divided into 6 seasons! Sex and the City is a story played out on screens that told the life of many women: unbreakable friendship, shaky loves, and unrestrained sex, all within one city: New York! But before watching the film, you should start where it all began: Season 1, Episode 1, play!

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