Single women who date are more likely to have a healthy relationship, because they have the opportunity to observe other relationships from the outside and understand what works…

Why single women who get into relationships have a better chance of living a healthy story

In the pursuit of a healthy relationship, single women who choose to commit often have a higher likelihood of experiencing a positive and meaningful story.

This is because the period of singleness provides them with a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness, better preparing them for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Here are 4 reasons why single women who commit have a greater chance of living a healthy story:

  1. More Time for Themselves
    Single women often enjoy more time to dedicate to themselves, their interests, and passions. This period allows them to develop a strong identity and build a satisfying life outside of romantic relationships.

    When they commit to a relationship, they maintain a healthy balance between time for the couple and time for themselves, thus avoiding losing sight of their own needs and desires.
  1. Greater Self-Knowledge
    Singleness offers women the opportunity to explore and better understand themselves. Through reflection and experiences, they gain a greater awareness of their strengths, weaknesses, and life goals.

    This self-awareness allows them to enter into a relationship with a clear understanding of what they are looking for and what they need to be happy and fulfilled.
  1. Awareness of Their Own Value
    Single women who commit to a relationship often have a deeper sense of their own value and self-esteem.

    When they enter into a relationship, they bring with them a sense of confidence and security in themselves, which contributes to maintaining stability and balance in the couple.
  1. Clarity About Their Desires
    Single women have had time to reflect on what they truly desire from a relationship. They have had the opportunity to learn and experience different relational dynamics.

    This experience leads them to be clearer about their desires, allowing them to communicate openly and honestly with their partner.

All these aspects not only improve the quality of the relationship but also contribute to individual well-being and the happiness of the couple.

Why single women who do NOT get into relationships have less chance of living a stable relationship:

It’s proven that women who transition from being single to being in a relationship often have a greater likelihood of building a healthy and stable relationship compared to those who adopt the “nail crushes nail” technique.

The approach is why single women who choose not to engage in a relationship have lower chances of experiencing a stable relationship.

The concept of “nail crushes nail” refers to relationships in which a person tries to overcome heartbreak by engaging in a series of short and superficial relationships.

This behavior can stem from various reasons, including the desire to fill a void or distract oneself from the pain of a past breakup.

Single women who choose not to engage in a romantic relationship can fall into this trap.

Instead of dedicating time and effort to build a meaningful connection with a partner, they may end up jumping from one brief fling to another without ever truly deepening their relationships.

This behavior can lead to a series of negative consequences.

It can compromise the ability to develop an emotional connection with a man, as they may not assess their own emotions and vulnerabilities. Additionally, it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, as superficial relationships do not offer emotional support and stability.

Single women: is it worth having a stable relationship?

If you’re a single woman, you may often wonder if it’s worth having a stable relationship.
Here are the pros and cons of a stable relationship to help you make a decision:


  • Emotional Support: A stable relationship can offer significant support, providing you with a shoulder to cry on in difficult times and someone to celebrate with in moments of joy.
  • Sharing Life: Sharing your life with a partner can enrich your experiences, from small daily joys to big adventures. You might find happiness in traveling together, exploring new hobbies, or supporting each other in personal and professional milestones.
  • Special Intimacy: A stable relationship offers the opportunity to develop an intimate bond both emotionally and physically with your partner. Sharing experiences can lead to greater connection and satisfaction.


  • Commitment: A stable relationship requires significant commitment from both parties. You may have to give up some of your freedom and autonomy to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.
  • Possibility of Disappointment: With the involvement of a stable relationship, there’s always the risk of disappointment or pain if things don’t go as hoped. Expectations don’t always match reality and this can lead to feelings of sadness.
  • Compromises: A stable relationship often requires compromise and negotiation. You may have to give up certain desires or personal goals to maintain harmony in the couple.

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