Many people often confuse gestures of friendship with romantic intentions, but when it comes to love, the signs can’t stay hidden for too long…

Signs they like you: 1. They invite you to hang out alone with them

For a while now, you’ve noticed that your friend is coming up with the lamest excuses and bending over backwards to hang out alone with you, trying not to involve all the friends you have in common in your outings.

Often, when asked, “Should we check with the others about what they want to do? he might have replied with, No, let’s have the night to ourselves, so you can tell me about things, maybe we can organize with them tomorrow, I know some of them already made plans, I heard from them yesterday.” Or: Okay, but I think they’re busy today and we’ll waste time trying to organize the evening…

But he might have even tried to ask you out on the spot: I have to run downtown for some errands but I wanted to stop for a slice of pizza, do you want to join me? That way, under the guise, you can tell me about the day’s news!

At this point, it’s inevitable to start thinking that you’ve become something more to him: in this sense, he might even be thinking of taking the first step to confess, and if so, he might not hold back much longer…

But there’s also another possibility that you might not have considered: perhaps he has feelings for you without being aware of them, he may not have realized yet that he likes you.

If, on the other hand, you notice that these behaviors are accompanied by constant glances and physical closeness, it means he may have just become aware of his new feelings for you.


Signs they like you: 2. They seek physical contact

Does he care for you like a friend and has his own way of showing affection?
Is he physically attracted to you but doesn’t see you as his girlfriend?
Or is he truly in love and wants something serious with you?

To answer these questions, you need to pay attention to how he behaves.

One of the key signs to understand the state of his feelings is to pay attention to physical contact. In other words?

If he often hugs you, can’t resist giving you kisses on the cheeks or neck before saying goodbye, moves your hair, or simply touches it (making this gesture seem casual), or if he often tries to brush against your hand, it means just one thing: he’s officially smitten with you.

Even the smiles that appear on his face every time he sees you can be another signal to keep an eye on.

Signs they like you: 3. They send super sweet messages


What does it mean if your friend starts using these all of a sudden?!

If you keep receiving messages full of these emojis, it’s normal to wonder, especially if they hadn’t used them with you before…

It’s possible that they don’t have the courage to tell you in person, but through their messages, you might understand if they’re truly interested: for example, if your friend often uses romantic emojis (like the ones you see above), or if they shower you with compliments in their messages, it means they want you to be more than just a friend because your friendship isn’t enough for them anymore and wouldn’t even be appropriate considering what they feel for you.

Our advice? Ask them (straightforwardly) why they started using these emojis, from their reaction you might discover more and see how they behave, consider the possibility that they might confess and reveal their feelings.

Signs they like you: 4. Gazes, gazes, gazes, and more gazes…

Signs they like you: 5. They often talk about the two of you

Until recently, the conversations you had revolved only around friends, school, work, music, or family (in some cases), but never about the two of youโ€ฆ

Now, however, he has started to spend a lot of time talking about the things you have experienced together and especially about what you could do together:

  • He asks you to plan the next holidays with him.
  • He invites you to concerts and events that are very important to him.
  • He knows that the film of his favorite saga is coming out and he plans to go see it with you several months in advance.
  • He tells you that he intends to organize a surprise a year before the date of your birthday to ensure that he spends it with you.
  • If there is any unexpected event that could compromise contact between you for 3 months, he will organize months and months in advance to find a solution and ensure that it doesn’t happen.

In short, if he imagines or plans a future with you, 99% of the time he’s not talking as a friend.


Signs they like you: 6. They give you “hidden” compliments

Even what he tells you is another clue to better understand his feelings and true intentions.

If you notice that he starts using teasing remarks and taking positions on something related to your appearance, or for the things you say, it’s definitely a clear sign of affection and attention.

If you notice that he often talks about you or makes specific examples about you even for everyday situations, he definitely wants to get to know you better and discover something more about you.


Signs they like you: 7. They send “goodnight” and “good morning” messages aplenty”

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