On the first date or after a few days? Do I wait for him to ask me or do I make the first move?” That’s how to understand when to give it to him…

When to give it to him: should I do it right away or later?

The question of when to have sex with someone is a common dilemma that many women face.

Some argue that having sex on the first date can ruin things because they believe that waiting a bit can make it more intense, while other women think they might feel more comfortable taking the plunge right away.

But what is the right choice for you?
Here are some tips to help you make this decision:

  • Listen to yourself: The decision on when to have sex should be primarily guided by your desires and preferences. Listen to your instinct and ask yourself what makes you feel most comfortable and satisfied. Also, consider who you are about to sleep with: “Is it worth it to do it with him?”, “Is the desire so strong?” This could help you better understand your feelings and what you really want.
  • Consider the connection: Although the time spent together is important, what really matters is the quality of the connection you share with him. If you feel a strong attraction right away, you might be ready to have sex sooner.
  • Communicate openly: Open and honest communication is crucial in any relationship. Talk to him about your desires, concerns, and limits. This way, you can both understand what to expect and respect each other’s needs.
  • There’s no fixed rule: Everyone is different, and what works for one woman may not work for another. So don’t let external expectations or societal beliefs influence you.

The decision of when to have sex should be guided by what you really desire and the connection you have with that person.

Listen to yourself, follow your instinct because the truth is there’s no rule…

What do other women in this situation do?

You can try to figure out when to give in based on the percentage of women who seem most similar to you; look into the details of the results in the paragraphs below.

When to give it to him: 10% of women go straight to the goal

When it comes to having sex on the first date, 10% of women choose to go for it without any hesitation.

But what could be the motivations behind this decision?

Many of them might feel a strong physical attraction to the person they are dating, pushing them to want to explore sexual intimacy right away.

Having sex on the first date could be a way to increase the connection and get intimate with the other person.

But it’s not just for that reason, for some women, having sex on the first date is a way to affirm to themselves that they have power and control over their own sexuality.

This decision can be a manifestation of self-confidence.

10% of them don’t give too much importance to stereotypes or social judgments regarding the decision to have sex on the first date.

For them, it’s a statement: every woman has the right to make her own sexual choices without being labeled or judged.

In this case, the decision is based on instinct and attraction, rather than social expectations.

When to give it to him: 34% wait a few days

When it comes to deciding when to have sex with a potential partner, 34% of women choose to wait a few days (about 20 days) before giving in.

Many of them see sex as a form of intimacy that requires time to build.

Taking this time to get to know the other person better allows women to assess whether the person they are dealing with has bad intentions in just wanting to take them to bed.

Taking the right amount of time can also avoid disappointments or regrets later on, helping these women feel confident that they have made the right choice and have no regrets for sharing such an intimate moment too soon.

These women listen to their intellect, but they also consider it very important to follow their heart, feelings, and the energy that person transmits.

When to give it to him: 17% of women have intercourse 50 days later

When to give it to him: 39% wait one month or slightly more

39% of women choose to wait about a month before fully giving in.

They believe that sex is more fulfilling and meaningful when accompanied by a deep emotional connection with their partner.

Waiting about a month allows them to build a solid relationship based on trust, respect, and understanding before sharing such an intimate moment.

They want to be sure that their partner is truly interested in building a serious relationship before taking the big step.

These women want to be certain that they want to share such a special moment only when they feel truly ready and confident in their choice.

You might also be a woman who waits about a month before having sex with your new partner because you want to ensure that your relationship is serious before exposing yourself sexually.

In this case, the decision made is based on a deep connection and the need for time to assess the seriousness of the relationship to foresee a future together with the partner.

When to give it to him in chat without hurry and tensions

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