How to tell if it’s a serious relationship

If you’ve been dating for a while but haven’t tackled the DTR (defining the relationship) stage yet, you’re probably wondering where the relationship is going.

So how can you tell if it’s serious? Here are six small signs to look for to work out if it’s serious or just a fling.

1. Casual references to the future

It’s normal to talk about the future with your partner. The important thing to understand is whether you’re in each other’s futures.

That doesn’t mean deep conversations about moving in together or tying the knot; it’s the little things. For example, if you talk about future holidays, important events or even future conversations as if you’ll be there together, this is a good sign that they’re ready to welcome you into their life.

If not, don’t worry, it might simply be too soon and your partner isn’t quite ready to include you in their plans – it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t!

2. Your partner saved your number in their phone contacts under your first name.

This is another tell-tale sign of something more serious. If someone means something special to us, the name we use to save their number in our phones matters.

If your name isn’t followed by “Yooppe” any more – a common way to remember who someone is and how you met – that’s a good sign! It means that you’re an important enough person in your partner’s life that they don’t need to be reminded of who you are!

3. You’ve met their friends

Meeting your partner’s friends can be a delicate moment, almost as much as meeting the parents. In fact, sometimes it’s even more important. Friends are important to everyone and getting their blessing is not something to be taken for granted.

If they’re childhood friends who are only ever introduced to the most serious relationship prospects, it’s definitely a good sign.

4. They remember the little things

In a serious relationship, your partner should remember littlethings that you’ve shared at key moments or during a date.

Whether it’s a work presentation or a meet-up with friends, taking the time to wish you good luck or to ask how it went is an important part of a serious relationship. Birthdays can often be a good confirmation: if your partner has organised something romantic just for the two of you, it’s definitely more than casual.

You can tell how someone feels about you just from how they respond to your messages,” Dustin Hoffman once said. “If the messages are increasingly infrequent, the relationship is fading”.

5. You’re on their Instagram profile

In a world where social media is a major part of our everyday lives, appearing on our partner’s profile is a big step.

If they mention you in their stories, or like or comment on your posts, it’s probably a serious relationship. They’re not afraid to publicise your relationship on social media or to have you on their profile.

6. Ask them outright

It might not be what you were expecting, but what better way to find out if it’s getting serious than asking the question outright?! Talking to your partner about what’s on your mind, both generally and in reference to your relationship, is essential to building a healthy relationship as a couple.

Talk to them directly, without putting your partner under pressure. It might feel scary, but this step an important part of the process to find out where you both stand.

If the response is not what you expected, don’t worry- your soul mate is still out there. With Yooppe, meeting other single people who share your interests has never been easier!

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