Summer flings: 10 golden rules to follow

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Sunset on the beach, an aperitif, a night at the disco. One date after another and another. Then the holiday ends and you go your separate ways. It’s back to city life, work, and study. That summer fling may stay as an exciting and passionate memory” or mark the start of a more serious relationship. The key is to have clear ideas from the outset to avoid a ‘crush’ that will hurt for a long time…

Let’s look together at 10 golden rules to follow before diving into a summer fling.

1# Honesty always.

The first rule, which also applies when starting a conversation with a match on Yooppe, is always to be honest about your real intentions. Obviously, you can’t know if they are the love of your life, but if you are looking for a summer fling, it is good to make it clear that the relationship will most likely begin and end there.

2# Why a summer fling?

What do you expect from a summer fling? Are you sure you will end this few-week-old relationship painlessly? Ask yourself this: if your partner is on the same wavelength but wants to flick between channels, you risk your summer fling becoming a bitter disappointment.

3# Get to know a stranger

You should avoid friends or close acquaintances because a summer fling is a short-term relationship, and entering it with someone you already know (and will most likely still be seeing) will make things uncomfortable for you in the future.

4# An old flame

No, a summer fling doesn’t count if it’s with your ex. Call it the return of an old flame… There is a very high risk of slipping into something out of control. Do you want to take that risk?!?

5# Always take precautions.

A casual sex experience carries various risks, so there’s no excuse; always use a condom. Always! Always!

6# How long?

One rule for handling a summer fling well is to set a limit on the time you spend together. Don’t dive headfirst into 24/7 but pace your time together, leaving room for evenings with friends.

7# Jealousy? I don’t know her…

A summer fling should not involve outbursts of jealousy. If you start to get jealous and don’t want others to come between you and your partner, it may be time for the summer fling to become a relationship. Question: are you OK with this?

8# Emergency exit

Always keep an emergency exit open. In every relationship – whether stable or transient – there must be an exit. Always feel free to walk away and remember that you owe nothing to anyone. What matters is your well-being.

9# Always respect your partner’s feelings.

Never play with other people’s feelings, even if it is a summer fling. If during the relationship you feel that your partner is going in deep, but you’re not, reiterate your intentions. Remember: as long as you don’t hurt other people’s feelings, it’s a green light for a summer fling!

10# Last but not least: have fun

The last rule of a summer fling you should never forget is: have fun! Enjoy the holiday and the time spent together. Create unforgettable memories.

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